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Below are 21 fashion advice tips for Plus Sizes who wants to look a little bit slimmer: -

1] Dress from head to toe in one tone - clothes which are a dark colour like black, dark navy or dark red to aubergine gives the illusion of a slimmer figure because dark colours absorb light . Don't wear shiny material in dark colours

2] Wear clothes that are the right size. Floppy, baggy clothing looks a mess and tight clothes will wrinkle and hike up when you move. Cardigans usually are too saggy and do not appear slimming.

3] Avoid stretchy fabrics except for underwear: these cling to all the wrong places like boobs and sticking out bellies. Lycra in outer clothes, silk, rayon, and other jersey fabrics that have a sheen are the worst offenders. Look for tailored clothing: well cut trousers, for example, are a great investment and are worth having made to measure.

4] Love Lycra in lingerie. Plus sizes need more than just their men to hold them tight! Pantyhose with Lycra, control tops / bras , body shapers, or whatever underwear you feel comfortable in that keeps everything in one jiggle-free place.

5] Wear heels. Being that bit taller helps balance your width.

6] If you like bright colours save them for belts [ only wear if you have a waist ], handbags [ big ], shoes, hats, lipstick and nail varnish. Sparkly jewellery [ but not too big] helps here too - it takes the immediate focus of the person who you meet away from your extra pounds

7] A long length coat can hide a lot of humps and bumps and is much better than chunky sweaters or cardigans.

8] Stand straight and be aware of your posture. Look at yourself in a three-way
full-length mirror. If you hold your body up straight instead of slouching you'll add at least an inch to your height.

9] If you are wearing trousers a shift dress top will create a sleek line, as long as it is
a heavyish material, not too soft like silk, which would cling and hike up.

10] If you must wear stripes, vertical rather than horizontal for a plus size dress, but the other way about if you are wearing a striped top over big bottomed trousers. Make sure the top is broader shouldered, and that the stripes are wide rather than narrow to keep it visually in sinc.

12] Don't wear high contrast colour combinations, your figure breaks into too many elements and cuts short the illusion of leanness.

13] Belly baring may be in fashion, but if your belly is big it's better covered !

14] Don't buy over-tight clothes. If your jeans are painted on to get them to fit, give in and buy the next size up !

15] Dress in younger sharper styles. It's a human nature thing that people automatically associate age [ and older, "stuffy" styles ] with fatness.

16] Keep styling simple, yet edgy, and forget the frills for now. The fussier your outfit gets, the fuller you look.

17] DO NOT wear hosiery with patterns as this adds volume. Plain, high denier types of hosiery are slimmer looking for heavier calves.

18] If you have a pair of jeans or trousers that are just a little too tight get an old pair of control top panty hose tights, cut them off at the bottom of the darker coloured [control] part and wear them instead of pants. They will give you a little more room and eliminate visible panty lines.

19] Buy low-rise trousers and jeans. They sit down on your hips and donít cut into your sides and tummy. As well as extra comfort They are also very flattering because they conceal your behind but don't force your love handles sidewards, making your bottom look smaller.

20] Facial distraction pays off. If you meet people with a beaming smile, that is the first thing that they will notice about you. It immediately takes the eyes to an up-down way of looking at you, rather than a side to side, so you appear slimmer. It will also put people you meet in a more positive mind-set to appreciate you and your fashion flair.

21] To enable you to smile find something you love about yourself and flaunt it! Show those legs, unbutton that cleavage, wear that boob-tube with a good strapless bra, let down your hair and just focus on something that makes you feel great about yourself. The fact is that no one other than you probably noticed that you put on a couple of pounds. And remember - Plus Size (size 16+) is now the normal - even the Govt. statistics say so. Now it's the skinny ones that are the unusual looking people !



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