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BANNER RATES, Jan.1st to Dec.31st 2014.

Rates are for the stated banner position on and combined
We will add your banner to as well, in a different page position, within 4 slots of your position on the other sites. launched a while ago. and are currently live too. We will list advertisers on these sites too, where applicable, as part of your advertising deal.
Exact "copycat" sites are being penalized by search engines, so we will change your ads position on some, and give you different text.

All rates are for a 6 month period, paid in advance, for a standard 468x60 banner, .gif, swf or jpg, less than 20KB.
We are not required by E.U. law to charge VAT yet, so all quotes are nett.
Our 'Advertising periods' start on Jan 1st, and Jul 1st, although we will work outside these start dates for new advertisers, who can start at anytime.

We're dirt cheap with our rates, (for an example of just how cheap - compare us to where local [not National] priority listings cost £305+ VAT ) - but we want you, our advertiser, to benefit too !

The top slot on the individual category pages on both and combined, ''below our Logo'' for a 468x60 banner with your description immediately underneath is £400 for 6 months. 2nd slot is £320. 3rd slot is 260, 4th slot is £200, again for 6 months. (There will be a maximum of 4 paid advertising slots above affiliates, and if any one slot is unused by an advertising client, an affiliate will be placed there)

''Under affiliates and above clients with linkback '' 468x60 for £120 for 6 months
''Page bottom'' for £60 for a 468x60 or £50 for a 234x60.

12 months duration advertising deals can expect a small discount.
We are also open to negotiations for "Special event" advertising, and "home page" ads.

The above rates apply to the following sections: - 1]Men's clothing. 2]Men's shoes. 3]Women's clothing. 4]Women's shoes. 5]Women's Designer Clothing. 6]Plus Size Lingerie.
All other sections are half the above rates.

Our combined site traffic for our UK sites is approx. 2700 unique site visits per day as of Nov 2012. That said we cannot give guarantees about future visitor numbers, especially in the current search engine environment, as we get a lot of traffic from direct search and, increasingly, 3rd party blog and social media site referral.

Smaller retailers - FREE LISTING !!!

If you are a smaller online retailer, or have a site related to Plus Size people's needs, you can have a free review and text listing even if you don't do a deal for a banner. To get a free review of your site published with us on a relevant page, you simply give us a reciprocal, or one-way link-back either from your home page, or within 1 click of your home page, or from an internal page which has a Google page rank of 3 or higher.

We prefer the following text with your hyperlink to us.
If you use the html code below to hyperlink to us, which is anchor text , we will do likewise.( Google loves anchor text )
NOTE - in the hyperlink we do not use any full stops or commas, except & .com.
This is deliberate.

<a href="">Plus Size - plus size fashion blog for women</a>
and/or <a href="">Plus Size Clothing - UK plus size clothing - work casual lingerie bridal </a>
and / or <a href="">Outsize Clothes .com - outsize clothing big wide shoes and more </a>
and/or <a href="">Outsize Clothes - outsize clothes for men and big and large teens </a>

Once the link-back[s] is/are in place, you [ or your webmaster ] should contact us with the url. of the page. If you only want listed and reviewed on one site, just tell us so. If you wish to list at all sites, you must give us link-backs for all the sites. We can offer other outsize/plus size sites for one way back linking. Just ask.
We hope that you can see that we are offering a fair and honest deal

Your future business partners,
Diane and Brian Marshall..

email - out*at* [ Replace *at* with @ ] - everything for UK Outsize and Plus Size, clothes shoes and more. - everything for American Plus Sizes.

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